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Volunteer Fundraising



Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer Fundraiser!

The Volunteer Fundraising program allows AFA parents, friends & families support the Arlington Football Association through time and effort at various Volunteer Fundraising activities; all while earning AFA dollars to be used to offset the cost of Registration for Football, Cheer, Dance, and AFA Booster Club Membership fees. This is a great option for families with multiple registrants. Any participant who joins the program and participates in their first event July 1st or later, must pay the minimum registration deposit amount in cash, in order to meet all payment deadlines. 

Who is eligible?
The following AFA Participants are eligible in the following priority order:
o Currently Registered AFA Football or Cheer Participants with a registration balance. *required*
o Registered AFA Participants wanting to pay on a balance of the next offered AFA program.
o Current Coaches, Parents, or Friends needing to meet their teams fundraising requirement.
o All AFA Registrants or Coaches wanting to purchase additional spirit items from the AFA Store.
o Booster Club Member

Minimum Participation Requirements
 Must have a positive attitude, be committed to providing a high level of guest service and satisfaction, and commit to adhering to policies and procedures governing the AFA Fundraising program, SMG, and the NFP Program.
 Must be 18 years or older & must be willing to serve alcohol, if requested.
 \Must be a reliable, trustworthy volunteer with good cash handling skills.
 Must provide your own transportation, and show up ON TIME, and at the time requested.
 Must be flexible, given the event-driven nature of our business.
 Must be able to complete the required training provided by Ovations, SMG, and or the AFA Fundraising Program Director for each volunteer interested in participating in the program, if accepted.

How do I qualify?
 Submit a completed AFA Volunteer Fundraising Program Application Online
 Indicate who and what activity you will be fundraising for. (i.e., Registration Fees, spirit items, football team account, cheer team account, etc)
 All prospective volunteers must attend Orientation for SMG, Ovations, or AFA Fundraising Program as designated by the AFA Fundraising Director.
 You must be current on your 4 hour volunteer requirement with Arlington Football Association for each player.

What do we wear?

Volunteers must wear black slacks, black pants, or black jeans (NO BLUEJEANS), Volunteers must wear closed toe shoes or sneakers of any color (NO open toed shoes); The Venue will provide a shirt which is to be returned after each event.
Avoid wearing the following: Excessive Jewelry, low dangle earrings, bangles, or bracelettes, head scarfs and coverings (unless for religious reasons) Any clothing with excessive writing or paraphanalia.
*Any questions regarding wardrobe should be addressed at your first orientation or you should ask the AFA Fundraising Program Director.

What kinds of events will we be staffing?
NFP (Not-for-profit) groups are eligible to staff any event held at Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville Suns Arena, and possibly Everbank Field. 

What about parking?
We are very pleased to be able to offer free parking to volunteers and employees working events usually in Lot X or XX
How long is the work shift?
It depends upon the event…and the appetites of our guests! Volunteers are asked to arrive (2 hours) before Gates open (which is usually 2 hours before the event starts). Volunteers provide a stand leader for taking opening inventory, verifying their opening balance (counting money), and getting the stand ready to open. Most of the heavy food and beverage sales occur before the game and during halftime. After halftime, we typically start to wind down (unless, of course, there is still a heavy demand for product). Volunteers are expected to assist with cleanup, which averages 30 minutes after the end of the event. From start to finish, shifts average (6) hours.

What is the minimum age requirement to work in a stand?

All participants should be 18 years or older. Everbank Only events can be 16 or older. 

What should I be aware of?
All funds raised via the AFA Fundraising program are not payable in the form of cash. Funds accumulated are AFA dollars which will be applied to a player, team, or department account to purchase anything at Arlington Football Association. List of Fundraising categories are available in the Arlington Fundraising Application.


How do I get paid?
Any person who volunteers will receive $35 AFA dollars minimum. This is the guaranteed amount for standard work in a stand. If the event attendance is high, customer service is great, and sales are high at our stand then there are potential for overage bonuses. Any bonus amounts awarded to the stand will be collected, distributed evenly among the participants’ accounts, in the form of additional AFA dollars. Any questions regarding compensation should be directed to the AFA Fundraising Coordinator.


Please direct questions to:

Dana Parrish

Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator